Meditation for Peace (donations to support the homeless)

Meditation for Peace is fundraising for homeless this sunday. 1/2 of the donation box will go towards the homeless in South Florida. For more information contact
Marie Giguere has been using singing bowls in individual and group session for over 15 years. She brings experience with other sound healing instruments combining [...]

Regenerative Farming Video

Thursday January 26th 7PM
2016 Bioneers Conference video of Janine Benyus from the Biomimicry Institute: Want a Better Food System? Think Outside!
Matt Longyear will talk about Woodstock’s third generation Long-Year Farm and Creek Iversen will present plans for Seed Song Farm located along the Esopus
Creek in the town of Esopus.
For more info:,

Hip Hop w/Kristi

“Now Enrolling for Session 2 “Now Enrolling for Session 2!!”
Classes are as follows:
Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 Grades 1-4
4:30-5:30 Grades 5-8
Any questions call Kristi 845-399-8365 or e-mail