Woodstock Land Conservancy and Transition film series

A Plan to Reverse Global Warming!
Drawdown lays out solutions that are already being adopted around the world. Paul Hawken’s filmed presentation will surprise and energize you. 7 Pm Thursday April 26th.

Creative Dance Class

Creative Dance Class (pre-registration required)
Based on the work of Isadora Duncan
Instructor: Karyn Bevet
Certification by Isadora Duncan International Institute
Certified Pediatric Registered Nurse
Beginning Thursday, April 20, 2018 to June 7, 2018 at 4 pm -4:50pm
Children [...]

Yang Yin Yoga w/Leslie Snow

New Class Opening: Yang Yin Yoga Monday & Friday 10:15-11:45AM
This mixed-level* class incorpo­rates vigorous and stimulating strength-building postures for the first part , then transitions to calming, flexibility-promoting postures for the second. The session finishes with guided meditation for total physical and mental relaxation. As you refine your physical and mental skills through the yoga [...]