African Dance

Teacher: Carol Chappell

SAT 11:00-12:30 Noon

Carol Chappell has been teaching in Woodstock for over 25 years. She is well trained in many styles of African Dance including Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Congo, as well as Afro Brazilian, Haitian and Caribbean. She is a dancer and percussionist with Nego Gato Afro Brazilian Music & Dance. The classes are accompanied by drummers from Guinea, West Africa, so the current classes are in that style.

Boxing Conditioning

Tom Pignone
$10 drop in

Tom’s Boxing Conditioning class consists of a combination (no pun intended) of drills that build endurance, strength and speed. While having fun it is also a means to gain confidence and learn the mechanics of the sweet science of boxing. It’s fun for male and female alike and all ages! Tom is certified as a Boxer Trainer by USA Boxing thru Gleason’s Gym.
Boxing conditioning has been a great way to achieve speed, strength and endurance.

Tuesdays Kids class ages 7 -12  4:15-5:00, Teens 5:00-5:45  suggested donation $8 per class, Adults 6-7Pm, $10 drop in

Classical Medical Qi Gong

Paul Bloom

Tues 7:30Pm-9 Pm

Paul Bloom teaches Qi Gong practices drawn directly from the classical Taoist canon as taught by Kwan Sai-hung. Mr. Bloom has been practicing Qi Gong for 20 years with Mr. Kwan. He has taught at Tiber House, NYC: Upaya Center, Santa Fe,N.M.; Jewel Heart, Ann Harbor,Mich.; and Menla Mtn retreat
in Phoenicia,NY

$15 per class
For more info call Paul Bloom 845-679-7971 or 914-466-2714 or e-mail


Inyo Charboneau

Friday 9:00-10:00AM
$12 per class

Free-form dance class to great music.

Contact Inyo 246-0671

Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu

Eric Brugnoni

Monday 7:00-9:00Pm
$15 single tryout/$60 monthly

This class offers training in “Fu Jow Pai” Kung Fu, a southern Chinese style featuring hard & soft blocking, snap kicks, and various hand strikes including Tiger Claw. Rigorous training is both challenging and rewarding. The style’s intricate “forms” combine athletic grace with powerful delivery. One-on-one application of techniques, closely supervised, equips the student with effective skills. In this class you will learn empty hand & traditional weapons forms, traditional & new exercises for strength, flexibility, coordination,  body conditioning and kung fu techniques (blocks, strikes, kicks, take-downs,breaks) for self-defense sparring, fighting and demonstration.

Main sifu Eric Brugnoni trained in several martial art styles before devoting himself to Fu Jow Pai, which he learned from sifu Wo Look. He received his Instructors belt in 1982, and has been teaching this kung fu class ever since. He is assisted in running the class by fellow sifu Larry Cosenza, and senior students Greg Dinger and Steve Saguid (si-hing).


Geoff Staz

Saturdays 7-12 yr olds 9:15-10am, 4-6 yr olds 10-10:40am
contact Geoff

Traditional martial arts training with a focus on self-discipline, physical fitness and spiritual development. Classes taught by Geoff Staz
Contact Geoff at 347-961-9763 or


Kristi Klinger

Wednesday 3:30-4:30 Ages 6-11 * Wednesday 4:30-5:30 Ages 12-16* Friday 4:00-5:00 Ages 8-12*

Kristi Diamond Dance Company

* Assessment needed to be placed in either of these groups.
Final group placement is up to the discretion of the teacher. It is my hope that the Program will continue to grow and enables the kids to be in a class with other students who are roughly at the same level as them so that no child feels rushed, or unchallenged and can learn their own comfortable pace. This may not always be determined by age, so please trust my judgement.

T’ai Chi OPEN

Friday 5:30-7PM
See instructor

This class is recommended for beginners , or those who have previous experience with T’ai Chi. It is here that we will continue to refine our T’ai Chi Form so as to enhance the integration of our own chi with universal chi. From 5:30-7PM


Leslie Snow
Monday & Friday10;15-11;45AM
$15drop in, class card upon request

This mixed-level* class incorpo­rates vigorous and stimulating strength-building postures for the first part , then transitions to calming, flexibility-promoting postures for the second. The session finishes with guided meditation for total physical and mental relaxation. As you refine your physical and mental skills through the yoga process, your body will feel balanced, i.e., stimulated yet relaxed, while your mind will be fo­cused and peaceful.

*While variations are given, this class is NOT for absolute beginners. Students must know basic yoga postures.

1st class free

Mondays & Fridays 10:15 to 11:45 a.m

Mountain View Studio
20 Mountain View Ave
Woodstock, NY

About the Instructor: Leslie Snow has been a yoga instructor (RYT 500) for seven years and a personal trainer for 10 (ACSM CPT). With a background in ballet, running, and resis­tance training, she has studied martial arts for the last eight years, achieving 2nd black in Isshinryu Karate. She currently studies Aikido in Woodstock, NY.

For more information: visit, call/text Leslie at (904) 534-3141, or email You may also contact Mountain View Studio at (845) 679-0901.

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