Date(s): 09/24/2020
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Dan Globus and Khenpo Tenkyong from the KTD Monastery

Dan Globus and Khenpo Tenkyong from the KTD Monastery

Fee: By donation, $20 recommended donation per person
Place: Mountain View Studio, 20 Mountain View Ave., Woodstock, NY 12498
Seating and Safety: All chairs, cushions, and floor back-support seats are situated at least 6 feet apart on a wood floor that is cleaned on a very regular basis. Attendees are requested to wear masks upon entering the studio. Masks may be removed, once seated, if the person(s) around you feel comfortable with you doing so. Please be respectful and courteous to the person(s) around you.

Details: Many people practice what they call “Meditation”. They have picked it up by watching some videos, listening to an App, reading a book, or maybe learned from a friend. Some people simple close their eyes and “Zen out”.

In these classes, we will practice a form of Meditation that is routed in traditional Tibetan Buddhist, Vipassana and Mindfulness Meditation techniques. This is a completely non-religious form of meditation that anyone can learn and practice. In this style of meditation, you will learn how to focus on any change you wish to bring into your life and how to bring about that change.

In each week’s class, there will be a different “theme” for the class. The themes will include, removing anxiety and stress, removing depression, removing anger, learning how to be happy, learning to love ourselves, bringing love and compassion into our hearts, making peace with past difficulties and trauma, and so much more. These classes will allow you to transform from the person that you are now to the person that you wish to be.

About the Instructor: These classes will be led by Dan Globus. Dan is the Director and lead teacher at The Compassion Center and Meditation House. The Compassion Center was formerly located in Staten Island. Dan has relocated from Staten Island to Woodstock and became a permanent resident of Woodstock in December of last year.

Dan did his first meditation 53 years ago. Ten years ago, he met and befriended an ordained Tibetan Buddhist Monk of the Gelug lineage. This monk taught Dan a style of meditation that he referred to as “Himalayan meditation”. It is a combination of traditional Tibetan, Vipassana and Mindfulness Meditation techniques. Dan has been teaching since and has taught well over one thousand people how to meditate. He teaches people how to remove anxiety and stress, how to make peace with deep routed emotional and psychological issues, how to let go, how to start and maintain recovery, how to let go of anger, and so much more.


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