Woodstock Kung Fu Classes

Our Fu Jow Pai (Tiger Claw Style) kung fu is a modern realization of Ching Dynasty fitness training, continuing the tradition of four generations of practitioners of Hoy Hong Temple kung fu into the 21st century. This class was begun in 1982 by “sifu” Eric Brugnoni.  Despite his unexpected death in March 2024, the class continues, led by his former “si-hing” (assistants):  Greg Dinger and Steve Saguid.

Class Days & Times:

  • Mondays, 7 – 8:30 pm


  •    $75 a month ($85 for 5-week months)


  • Please wear loose clothing.

For Information:

  • Contact (845) 679-8773
  • A try-out class costs $10.

This class offers training in “Fu Jow Pai” Kung Fu, a southern Chinese style featuring hard & soft blocking, snap kicks, and various hand strikes including Tiger Claw. Rigorous training is both challenging and rewarding. The style’s intricate “forms” combine athletic grace with powerful delivery. One-on-one application of techniques, closely supervised, equips the student with effective skills. In this class you will learn empty hand & traditional weapons forms, traditional & new exercises for strength, flexibility, coordination, body conditioning and kung fu techniques (blocks, strikes, kicks, take-downs,breaks) for self-defense sparring, fighting and demonstration.

Woodstock Fu Jow Pai’s original sifu, Eric Brugnoni, trained in several martial art styles before devoting himself to Fu Jow Pai, which he learned from sifu Wo Look, a lineage that traces its way back to the early 19th century.  Brugnoni received his Instructor’s belt in 1982 when he began teaching his own independent class.  He has passed his innovations in the class format and kung fu techniques on to his successors, Greg Dinger and Steve Saguid, (who also trained in the 1980s/90s with sifu Wo Look) in order to continue this martial art with future generations.